William Eisner Sr.

(1926-1990) William Eisner Sr. was a true advertising pioneer. After founding the agency bearing his name, in 1959, his philosophy for success was simple. Share your profits with your employees. Never allow one account to represent more than 15% of your agency. And give back. The latter being a principle he believed so strongly about, that from day one, he returned 10% of the agency’s profits back to charity. Considered one of Wisconsin’s most respected ad executives for more than three decades, Eisner designed and implemented one of advertising’s first computerized billing systems. He also pioneered the concept of “profit centers” within an agency, building recording and photography studios, as well as printing, public relations and typesetting services. His reputation extended nationally as well, where he was asked to serve as President of the National Federation of Advertising Agencies. A devout Christian, Eisner also volunteered his time on many non-profit boards ranging from the Rawhide Boy’s Ranch and Telling the Truth Radio Ministries to Milwaukee Rescue Mission and Billy Graham Crusades. After his death in 1990, the country’s largest advertising museum was named after him –The Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design. And today, his name and his legacy lives on, through the work of the Eisner Creative Foundation in Milwaukee.


  • Founder, Wm. Eisner & Associates, Inc.
  • Founder, Image Management Public Relations
  • Founder, Steward Press Printing
  • Founder, Eisner Photography Studio
  • Founder, Bananas Recording Studio
  • Founder, Soul Quest Christian Communications
  • Founder, Marcom Graphic Design Studio
  • President, National Federation of Advertising Agencies (NFAA)
  • President, Milwaukee Rescue Mission
  • President, Our Shepherd Lutheran Church
  • Elder, Elmbrook Church
  • Board of Directors, Rawhide Boys Ranch
  • Board of Directors, Operation Mobilization
  • Christian Businessmen’s Committee (CBMC)
  • Team Member, The Billy Graham Crusades

The Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is held every year at the United Adworkers Milwaukee 99 Awards Show. For details and to purchase tickets to the show on October 12, 2017, please visit Adworkers.com.

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